The Five W’s

What, When, Who, Where, How? Back in the day, when Journalism was still a professional field, that was the rule to be followed. Yes, I know How doesn’t start with a W. I didn’t formulate the rule. I’m reporting.

What brought me to hand tools was what brought me to my knees, literally. If you’ve had, or know someone who’s had a herniated disc, there’s nothing more to say. If you don’t and you’re looking for advice, don’t get one.

When I was building that sixteen foot long, forty-two inch wide, two inch thick table that weighed hundreds of pounds, I zigged when I should have zagged. That was months ago. The table wasn’t finished so I kept working on it until I was no longer able to walk.

Who I am is no one in particular. If you read the About page you’ll know more than you need to know about me.

Where was in my garage wood shop and backyard. The table got so big there was no room in the shop for it. After preparing the stock it was moved to the backyard, which was to be its permanent home when completed. The saw horses holding it up are not the legs. That’s another story I’ll save for later.

How hand tools became more important to me was a matter of necessity. After losing ambulatory ability my hands still wanted to work wood. YouTube became important to me because I could watch other woodworkers do what I was no longer able. One thing leads to another and I discovered people who used only hand tools. The philosophical differences became apparent. There was a peace and patience about those woodworkers that I desperately needed right now.


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