Slippery Slope

If you read the About page you’ll see the beginning of my woodworking trajectory. If you didn’t read the About page, shame on you. Go do it so we may continue here.

My feet were moistened doing production work that required speed to cover the cost of materials. Making a profit was never really a possibility or expected. Eventually, I did get some tax write offs for tools I purchased, but little more. After all, I was doing this for love of Bench Kitten, not for love of money. It’s a good thing too because I’ve never seen one tenth the money coming in that was going out.

Most people who know me, about ten people, see me as impulsive, which I am. Buying tools in the early days, we really had no disposable income back then, dulled the edge on my natural impulsiveness. I simply couldn’t afford much and what I could afford wasn’t really that good. I shopped at the big box store. Never bought a hand tool that didn’t have a cord. Purchased what I thought I needed to work more quickly and effeciently as I discovered their was a power tool to make the job go faster. Nevertheless, enjoyment was still found. If not in the process itself at least in the finished product and Bench Kitten’s happiness.

I’m intentionally keeping these updates brief. No one has visited the site, read any of this, and likely never will so I may as well do what’s comfortable for me. After all, I now use hand tools so I’m not in a hurry about anything.


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