When you do something for a long time you collect all manner of things without much notice. People collect varied items on purpose. Stamps, watches, models, dolls, letters, magazines, news clippings, etc. The list is infinite if you are willing to include the invisible things people collect. We’ve talked about Accumulating, but it was mostly about things.

The bus you don’t see has a better chance of running you over than the bus you see. The things that we don’t see often have more power than the things we do, like prejudices, likes and dislikes and that sort of thing, un-thing. If you think, you collect ideas. If you day dream, you collect wool, or dreams, but mostly wool. Ideas are very powerful, good or bad. We’ve talked about money being an idea that turned out not so good for many people in many ways. How it’s used determines its goodness or badness. One of the things we unconsciously collect is opinions, and opinions can and do shape much of our experience. Opinions can be changed, but not if we don’t see them as opinions. Opinions are not the same as truth. An opinion is always wrong. The truth is always right. The truth is what’s so. An opinion is what we think is so, but may not be so at all.

For example, if you drop a piece of wood it will fall thirty-two feet per second, per second until it reaches maximum velocity or comes into contact with some other object. This is an apparent truth. We call it a physical law, but it changes depending on the planet you’re standing on when you drop the wood. So, it’s not really a truth because it changes. It’s not an opinion either because it can be reproduced and looks much like a truth. Confusing, I know, but I warned you about thinking and ideas.

Now I have a problem. People aren’t interested in this, as a rule, because it takes too much effort to think. Effort makes many things unpleasant that aren’t. My problem is I don’t like to go on too long and I’ve not said what I wanted to say. All this was tee up for the swing. I’m going to leave this and write something else, that might be of more interest. After all, I would’t want to drive away all six followers in one post.


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