Social Graces

I don’t follow many. It’s no way to “build a site” or “get followers”. I’ve been thinking about this. It’s not that I lack social graces. In fact, as a rule, I abound in social graces. Especially online, which may seem odd as many people become sour and malodorous with anonymity. Wooden Thumbs is not my real name. The name was made up with the site. You probably guessed that, but I like clarity.

It’s the philosophy with which I’ve burdened myself. It seems to me that what I have to say, if it is of any value to anyone, should be honest, authentic. Trading compliments seems disingenuous. It doesn’t mean it’s wrong. If getting followers and building your site is your aim it’s a valid way to succeed. We’re programmed to like those who like us and dislike those who dislike us. Some would say it’s human nature. From my perspective animal nature is less pretentious. Few people born ever become human. Most stay animals because it involves so much effort to become human. Many people would likely find this an unpleasant thing to say. I don’t aim at being unpleasant or to give offense, but people love to be offended. Why take that away from them? Life is short and can be bitter if you don’t get what you want.

I’m probably supposed to say things like,

Thank you for visiting. Thank you for commenting.

I don’t. I may or may not be happy you visited or commented, but honestly, I’m not writing to get you to visit or comment. I’m writing because . . . well, it’s not for those reasons. I work with wood and words because they are both natural, beautiful, warm and real. They both can be shaped, stained and finished. They can be beautiful and utilitarian, elegant and lovely. I will write if you visit or not, at least I think I will. It wouldn’t be difficult to stop writing here. I keep a journal and that satisfies many of my writing needs, but I am a social creature and sometimes enjoy people more than I think is good for me.


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