Just Do It!

During the long, slow recovery process I’ve been trying to find projects that I can do without standing, sitting or lying down, because all that is painful. Naturally, we all try to avoid pain whenever possible. Not talking here about the sadomasochism kind of pain when you get off on it. I’m talking about the unwanted, ever present kind that grinds your bones to dust after a few months. If you don’t know what I mean, may you never find out. If you do know what I mean, I’m sorry, really. I may not feel your pain, but I get it. Pain sucks. We need to find ways to manage it. Physical pain can be managed. Emotional pain? That’s a bit more difficult.

Hanging around in my zero gravity chair and thinking about things to do brought me to spoon carving. You take firewood, preferably green, and carve it into wooden spoons. Easy right? Well, not so much, but it’s doable. Everything worthwhile has a learning curve comes with it. Learning curves with sharp metal objects can be dangerous. Tools needed? An axe or hatchet (an axe with a short handle), a crook knife, aka bent knife or spoon carving knife and a straight knife or sloyd. All must be razor sharp. Razor sharp means potential for cutting yourself effortlessly. Because of the potential of self-inflicted wounds the learning curve is one to be approached with deliberate caution.

After watching all the videos I found interesting I decided it was time to just do it. Hindsight is great. I didn’t have the foresight to do before and after pictures so I’ve just taken a picture of the finished spoon and the tools I used to make my first ever hand carved spoon from a piece of olive wood a friend brought me. First I split the wood in two pieces with the hatchet. Then I drew a rough spoon shape on the wood and used the hatchet to chop as close to the line as I could get. A few surprises in the wood changed the shape of the spoon as I was working with it, but that’s part of the process. I wanted something small that I could eat with. You’d think as big as my mouth is I’d need a larger spoon, but I don’t eat much. So, there you have it. My first spoon. Just do it!


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