Shou Sugi Ban

The table will have to be brushed with a stiff bristle brush and then wiped down with a damp cloth to remove the carbon dust so everything that touches it doesn’t come away looking like the soles of a porn star’s feet.

Wooden Hearts

Seventy-three years ago today, the man who would be my father in three short years landed on Omaha beach in Normandy, France. It was his first time in France. Nine thousand of his fellow soldiers never made it across the sand of the beaches of Normandy. Many of them drowned before they even reached the […]


The point was/is his willingness to forgive. To cancel the debt and to offer the thief something of value that might turn his life around.

Social Graces

I don’t follow many. It’s no way to “build a site” or “get followers”. I’ve been thinking about this. It’s not that I lack social graces. In fact, as a rule, I abound in social graces. Especially online, which may seem odd as many people become sour and malodorous with anonymity. Wooden Thumbs is not […]

Slowly I Turned

Step by step, inch by inch. As the generation of which I have been a part moves to another plane of existence, much of its tradition and culture disappears with it. I expect there are fewer and fewer people who will remember the old vaudeville sketch that’s been called, Slowly I Turned. If you’ve read […]